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New Mexico Silver Gloves Tournament Results

New Mexico Silver Gloves Turny Hosted By Crespins Boxing Promotions

55 lbs. 8-9 Year Old

Santiago Giron Tuff Boxing (State Champion) Vs Mateo Gold Crespins Boxing


65 lbs. 10-11 Year Old

Gary Gomez Campeon Boxing (State Champion) Vs Lazara Estrada Castillos Boxing


70 lbs. 10-11 Year Old

Martin Benelex Campeon Boxing (State Champion) Vs Brian Ramierez


75 lbs 10-11 Year Old

Christopher Sanchez Vs Thai Ewing TNT Boxing (State Champion)

80 lbs 10-11 Year Old

Francisco Gomez Mirabal Boxing (State Champion) Vs Fabian Silva


85 lbs 10-11 Year Old

Brian Andrade Vs Gabriel Gurrola MVP Boxing (State Champion)

75 lbs 12-13 Year Old

Ace Jiron Vs Isaac Perez MVP Boxing (State Champion)

80 lbs 12-13 Year Old

James Gonzales Vs Justice Jiron (State Champion)

125 lbs 12-13 Year Old

Bryon Noriega Artisco Boxing Vs Jesus Gomez TNT Boxing (State Champion)

106 lbs 14-15 Year Old

David Chavez Tuff Boxing Vs Pablo Lopez Artisco Boxing (State Champion)

112 lbs Female 14-15 Year Old

Kristen Montano Vs Briana Herrera Mirabal Boxing (State Champion)

112 lbs 14-15 Year Old

Juan Andrade Artisco Boxing Vs Leroy Chavez Team Tapia (State Champion)

132 lbs 14-15 Year Old

Amadeo Lopez Crespin Boxing (State Champion) Vs Jordan Ward Clovis Boxing


Silver Gloves Unopposed Champions

8-9 year old
60 lbs Isaia Perez
65 lbs Juliano Castellano
75 lbs Ian Jordison

10-11 Year old
65 lbs Destiny Romero (female)

12-13 Year olds
70 lbs Jessie Gonzales
85 lbs Luis Maldonado
85 lbs Audry Martinez (female)
90 lbs Mark Smith
95 lbs Zachariahe Jacque
112 lbs Diego Nava
119 lbs Patrick Silva
112 lbs Jordanne Garcia (female)

14-15 Year old

85 lbs Slade Ruiz
100 lbs Mathew Griego
119 lbs Javier Cepeda
119 lbs Dacia Werito (female)
125 lbs Maria Valdez (female)
125 lbs Adam Reyes
139 lbs Vanessa Herrera (female)
139 lbs Ryan Lechnga
201 lbs Moses Sambrew
201 Alexis Gonzales